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Narrative is always central in my work, everything tells a story at least of its own existence. Some narratives are overt, some are subtle like a whisper in a crowded room, less pursued but always there, either as the starting point or created through the process of making the work itself. I have currently been working on a suite of abstract paintings that started as a tangent from the concept of collage, tearing things apart opposed to gluing them together. Overlays are destroyed looking for the under layers that used to intrigue and could not be forgotten, but instead discovering something new entirely, completely new and different. The starting point is always the same, the materials are always the same and my intent is the same, but it is the process and its variations that make an impact. These are process driven paintings in a way that other work of mine has never been. They are meditations on the creation of a whole through the assemblage of many many parts and their inevitable decay and destruction.

Artist Statement